Hello Poets!

Welcome to our revised site, or should I say revived? Thank you for checking out dash30dash, please feel free to create an account, use our site to post your daily poems (click new post) and meet each other in our forum.

Who are we?

-30- was originally created back in the late 90’s and live a short furious life reporting on local art scenes, posting original content and hosting poetry challenges. But somewhere around 2005 that all came to a head and we ceased to exist, sadly much of our content was lost due to shifting servers (though sidenote: several of the early version of the site were found and slowly are being converted to the wordpress format).


How do I Post my Poems?

Once you’ve registered for an account (and confirmed it via the email link sent to you), you can login and click the ‘New Post’ link at the very top.

If you want to edit a post you’d started or published click ‘My posts’ and that’ll take you to the dashboard.

You can post your poems publicly or privately.

User create posts will NOT show up on the dash30dash.com front page automatically. If we see a poem, or other blog we like, we’ll contact you and let you know we’d like to showcase your work. Once you respond we’ll hit that spotlight!


I have other questions

Great, you can leave it in the comments below if you think it’ll be of interest to other people OR tweet @dash30dash OR go to my Admin Profile and send me a private message



-Sam Proof