Ok…so for Day 15 one of the challenges I am following said to post a poem written by someone else that you love for any reason at all.


So…I received a book of poems from one of my Aunts for my 21st birthday, “She Walks in Beauty: A Woman’s Journey Through Poems” selected and introduced by Caroline Kennedy.  It’s a book with poems for women that tell stories about different events like being in love, or friendship, motherhood, etc.  In the friendship section there is a poem called “Chocolate” by Rita Dove. Now I love chocolate just as much as they next person does.  So, I picked this poem.



By: Rita Dove


“Velvet fruit, exquisite square

I hold up to sniff

between finger and thumb-

how you numb me

With your rich attentions!

If I don’t eat you quickly.

you’ll melt in my palm.

Pleasure seeker, if I let you

you’d liquify everywhere.

Knotted smoke, dark punch

of earth and night and leaf,

for a taste of you

any woman would gladly

crumble to ruin.

Enough chatter: I am ready

to fall in love!”