Dash30dash.com started way back in 1999 as a Art & Lit magazine, for a few years we reported on events in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and occasionally a few other local art scenes. We also hosted creative challenges along the lines of Nanowrimo, Napowrimo, sketch a day, etc. under the title ’30 day dash’

Sadly, as with many websites our volunteer staff moved on with their lives and eventually even I (Sam Proof, founder and Editor in Chief) had to move on with my life.

TodayI am bringing Dash30Dash.com back to life! This time I hope to build a community of artists to take on the various 30 day dash challenges.

Register an account and you’ll have a place to post your daily progress, work, poems, etc.

Or use it to host your own challenge and create daily prompts for other people to use!

Or even just use it as a private blog/journal. We welcome everyone to use our site and create!