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    You are as cold as the midnight ocean,
    That leaves my heart unblossomed…
    You are as wild as a poet’s imagination…
    I am blinded by the beauty your mind…

    You bring flowers to my spirit…
    Engage in dreaming about dead.
    You are like the sun, I rage against
    the dying of your light, as Hardy said.

    You’re insane, boy, only mildly sane…
    A…[Read more]

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  • Sarah Burnett wrote a new post, Time 2 years ago


    Enjoy it while you can.
    Take that special someone by the hand,
    And tell them you love them,
    While you still can.
    Don’t let go
    Of what you hold dear.
    Make it right
    and eliminate your […]

  • jamie wrote a new post, The Worst Things 2 years ago

    The worst things I have done
    Are not what I have done
    For they were not malicious
    But actions of impulse
    Innocent in their mindlessness
    Moments of reflexive weakness
    But the monsters they have become
    Will […]

  • Don’t Hold Back

    I can’t do this
    Because of this
    I can’t do this
    Because of that
    Mind just
    Don’t hold me back.
    Take the bull by the horns
    And ride through
    Barreling down
    Every […]

  • There were 8 when I started.
    8 of the 26 sorted
    Neatly in pairs
    On the floor.

    23 amassed, constructed.
    1 of the 8 is missing.
    I crawl about, searching,
    Phone like a lantern
    Hoping for a sliver of […]

  • The essence of knowing thyself, and the choices we have,

  • Only some of our journeys are planned

    He was going the coming way
    the driver explains and I’m sure
    my grumped-up face shows  
    that this is no reason for two vans
    to be parked on my drive.

    He who was […]

  • Hold My Head High
    I hold my head high,
    To the beat,
    Of my own drum.

    I hold my head high,
    To the beat,
    Of my own heart.

    I hold my head high,
    To the beat,
    Of each step.

    I hold my head high,
    To […]

  • Day 6…one of the challenges I participated in yesterday challenged us to write a poem about Lemons without using the words Lemon, yellow, round, citrus, tart, juicy, peel, and sour.  So…i […]

  • One of my challenges the other day was to write a poem at any length but there could only be 14 syllables in each line.

    Driving on down that open highway on a clear bright spring
    Day, with […]

  • All I Want
    All I want,
    Is a gentle rain,
    Cascading on
    A spring day.

    With the perfect guy,
    By my side,
    Holding on tight
    As we dance through the night.


  • Sarah Burnett wrote a new post, Acrostic 2 years ago

    Spring time is here

    And it’s time to cheer

    Ringing bells for all to hear.

    And yet, there’s something white,

    Hailing from the grey up in the sky.

    © Sarah Burnett April 1, 2015


  • Break Through

    But strong.
    With the strength of
    A weight lifter
    It can hold you back
    And force you to quit.
    But you can’t.
    You can’t quit.
    Cause if you quit
    Then nothing you want
    Will […]

  • Sarah Burnett wrote a new post, Work 2 years ago

    Do this!
    do that! 
    All these orders make me go insane,
    make me stress
    make me weak. 
    But I hear that sound
    as I begin to calm down. 
    And the work begins to fade
    like a distant ocean wave.  […]

  • Balancing Act

    Fear strikes.
    I got the news today.
    Time freezes,
    I can’t go back.
    I walk the line
    Lean left, no turn right.
    It’s a balancing act,
    I can’t go back.
    A balancing act,
    I just can’t go […]

  • Sarah Burnett wrote a new post, Decisions 2 years ago

    The decisions I’ve made,
    Have set my life for today.
    The decisions I make today,
    Are mine for the final say.
    I can’t escape
    The poor choices I’ve made,
    I can only embrace
    And throw it all away.
    I can take […]

  • Lyndon State

    Not really.
    Good […]

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